Training academy

Aarenet’s certification training builds knowledge and skills through specifically designed and organized training courses. The training courses provide real world content and hands-on exercises to optimize the daily work experience with the Aarenet system.

Training catagories

The courses are offered in three different categories. Basic system training, Aarenet certification courses and bespoke training modules. Training sessions are scheduled as presence based sessions in one of our training centers or can be held through remote sessions.

Basic system training

Participants will receive an overview of the Aarenet C4/C5, UC and CC solutions, use cases and features. Hands-on exercises provide a deeper insight and understanding of the system functionality.

Certification courses

The certification courses helps to build profound knowledge and skills to master the daily tasks through specifically designed and organized training modules. Certification courses provide a deep insight into both system administration as well as operating the system. Certification exams validate the skills of the trainees through exercises.

Customised training modules

These courses are tailored according to specific customer requirements. They provide in-depth knowledge of specific topics (e.g. security and privacy) or may focus on customer’s specific setup and usage of the system, e.g. virtualisation.

Please ask your Aarenet account manager for the actual training schedule.