Aarenet enhances the customer experience with a range of additional services and flexible operational models. 

System Integration and Migration

Aarenet offers support during the migration of existing legacy services to the new platform, ensuring minimal or no impact for the users. Networkintegration, PSTN interconnection and interfacing with existing BSS/OSS systems are provided to ensure the operational integration into the customer’s eco-system.
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Managed Services

By opting for our Managed Services, the customer gains access to a dedicated system customized to their specific requirements and seamlessly integrated into their environment. This system is located on-premises, exclusively for the customer’s use. The customer pays a monthly service charge that covers system amortization, operational services, and maintenance. The charges are determined based on the number of end-users served by the system and the utilization period. 

System Operation: Expertise and Flexibility

At Aarenet, our specialists possess the necessary experience and know-how to efficiently operate carrier switching systems. In addition to providing permanent system operation, we offer a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) approach in many cases, benefiting our customers. BOT allows customers to accelerate time to market, minimize operational risks, and build internal knowledge and resources for future system operations takeover. 

Certification Training

Aarenet’s comprehensive certification training program is designed to enhance the knowledge of our customers and system partners. This program equips engineers with the skills needed to configure and operate the system with the highest level of availability and performance. 

Professional Services

Aarenet offers tailored Engineering and Consulting Services, including project support, training, and consulting. We also provide interoperability testing for new equipment such as IP Phones, Soft Clients, IP PBXs, VoIP Gateways, Cable Modems, and more. 

Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance services are delivered in accordance with the customer’s maintenance contract. European customers receive support from the Aarenet NOC located in our headquarters in Berne, Switzerland, while APAC customers are supported by the Aarenet NOC in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.