Class 4/5

Aarenet Carrier telephony systems support both Class 4 as well as Class 5 functionality. Thanks to its modular, reliable and robust architecture, the Systems can scale from a few hundred up to several ten-thousands of concurrent calls.

Class 4 functionality

An Aarenet Class 4 System is a powerful, flexible, reliable and robust solution whose primary role is to manage voice transit traffic, deliver carrier interconnection services and grant PSTN access to serve end-customer and end-user applications.

Different routing features such as priority routing, percentage routing, LNP routing, SIP header routing, LCR and fallback routing enhanced with active fraud protection, whitelist/blacklist, traffic shaping and customised peer authentication delivers a full set of services and a high-level of security.

Class 5 functionality

The Aarenet Class 5 System provides various types of end-customer accesses for business and residential customers and offers an outstanding VoIP based voice quality. Contemporary telephony features like dynamic call routing or zero-touch SIP phone provisioning enable an excellent user experience. The multi-tenant architecture grants a high level of flexibility to deploy complex scenarios such as white-labeling and service reselling for system integrators.

System Features

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