FrontStage und Aarenet intensivieren ihre Zusammenarbeit

Aarenet und FrontStage verstärken ihre Zusammenarbeit und realisieren ein Cloud Contact Center Angebot in der Tschechischen Republik.

Following the incorporation of the Partner Agreement in June 2020, FrontStage and Aarenet have adapted and enhanced their systems to enable interoperability. This resulted in a solution where the FrontStage contact centre solution and the Aarenet VoIP platform interact to enable all voice communications for the connected contact centre agents. The release of Aarenet’s new Cloud PBX offering in July 2021, together with the supervisor features which are part of the newest release 7.5, forms the base for a new Cloud-based Contact Centre offering, targeting to address small and mid-sized companies. Especially this specific market segment will benefit from a hosted solution and may use the full suite of the functionality provided by Frontstage’s state-of-the-art Contact Centre.


FrontStage Contact Centre application deliver effective communications by focusing on the complexity of human interactions and business process integration. Their products are instrumental in overcoming the prevailing negative perception of contact centres on the part of both customers and agents. FrontStage has been designed to make the agent’s work more efficient and pleasant, and to bring an amazing experience and improved human contact to customers.

“We have been relying on third-party business communications platforms that only provided limited flexibility towards modern cloud technologies and multitenant deployment. With our joint development forces, we can now tailor a solution together that connects both platforms in the best way possible together. Combined with the reliability provided by Aarenet’s carrier-grade solution, we can offer an excellent Contact Centre solution for our customers who prefer a pure cloud solution instead of an on-premise solution”, says Pavel Vrzak CEO of Atlantis Telecom.

According to Frank Remmers, Sales Director of Aarenet, “This partnership will leverage the existing solutions of both companies. The joint development departments have worked very closely to realise the integration. This will complement our existing UCC solution with the required Contact Centre component and thus will open many new opportunities on the market”.

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Erfolgreiche Aarenet Partner Konferenz 2023 in Vietnam

Die Partnerkonferenz fand dieses Jahr in Hai Phong, Vietnam statt. Die erfolgreiche Veranstaltung brachte Vertreter von führenden Industrieunternehmen, Partner und Experten aus ganz Vietnam zusammen und war ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Förderung von Innovationen in der Telekommunikation.

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Neuer Cloud PBX System Release 7.12

Der neue Aarenet Cloud PBX System Release 7.12 ist Ende Juni 2023 für die Produktion freigegeben worden. Ab sofort werden alle neuen Systeme standardmässig mit diesem Release ausgeliefert. Bestehende Systeme können selbstverständlich aufgerüstet werden.

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Aarenet an der ITNOG7 in Bologna (Italien)

Aarenet hat an der ITNOG7 in Bologna, Italien teilgenommen und die Veranstaltung mittels Sponsoring unterstützt. ITNOG ist eine Non-Profit-Organisation, die sich auf den Austausch von Know-how sowie die Schaffung von Synergien zwischen italienischen Netzbetreibern, Carriern und Dienstleistern konzentriert.

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