Aarenet hosted 2021 APAC Virtual Partner Conference

Aarenet, the “CONSIDER IT AS DONE” Company, announced today the Asia Pacific 2021 Virtual Partner Conference which took place on November 23rd, 2021 was completed successfully with the participation of more than sixty partners, systems integrators, and select customers in the APAC region. The event was live-streamed from Aarenet HQ in Switzerland and the APAC regional office in Vietnam.

The event was live-streamed from Aarenet HQ in Switzerland and the APAC regional office in Vietnam.

“It has been two long years since we were able to meet face-to-face with many of our partners and customers due to the travel restriction instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was intended for Aarenet to celebrate the strong and benevolent partnership we share with our partners in the Asia Pacific region as well as the opportunity to deliver company updates, market trends and exciting emerged product lines. It was an honour for me to be a keynote speaker and witnessed the crowning of Aarenet Partner of the Year 2021,” says Bao Vo, APAC Regional Director.

The virtual conference was kicked-off with a keynote address by Mr Felix Jakob, CEO of Aarenet followed by the panel discussion session where Mr. Jakob answered strategic questions posed by the audience and internal team members. This list of Aarenet speakers included Mr. Luzi von Salis – Board Member, Mr. Frank Remmers – Sales Director, Mr. David Puckett – Pre-Sales Director and Mr. Quan Phi – Operations Manager.


Besides the strategic initiative delivery by Aarenet senior management team, the focus of the conference was on the emergence products driven by the rapid marketplace adoption of digital transformation such as UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS. The interactive sessions including exciting demonstrations captured the essence of the conference participants.

The conference ended with the announcement of Aarenet 2021 Partner of the Year who is I-COM, a Systems Integrator Partner based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Follows by the lucky draw of the photo submission by our Partners. The lucky draw winners are:


  • First Price – Microtel Singapore (Mr. Lim Wai Meng)
  • Second Price – PT Astel Indonesia (Mr. Dwi Siswanto)
  • Third Price – MCALL Vietnam (Mr. Khoa Nguyen)

This virtual partner conference was conducted using Aarenet’s own collaboration tool – anMeet and Aarenet CEO confirmed that the 2022 Partner Conference will take place in Bali, Indonesia in November and they look forward to meeting all Partners in person.

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